Ways of Seeing

Katie Warren from The Bridge sits down to talk with Nzinga about fashion, nonalcoholic drinks and patriarchy.

“I’m interested in not only having a sense of what I want as a designer, but also having a sense of what’s in the air and what is socially, culturally and emotionally relevant for people,” Knight said in a Brooklyn café near her Clinton Hill studio on a chilly December morning.

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Mona Haydar's "Hijabi" song named one of Billboards top 20 Protest songs of 2017

I find a lot of the anthems and obsession over hijab on either side of the conversation to be corny. So to my surprise late one summer 2017 night I shed a gansta-tear when I saw Mona’s video for her song “Hijabi”. Today Billboard announced Mona's song to be one of The Best Protest Songs of 2017.... 

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"The Great Reveal"- The Other Side of Modesty (first written Summer 2015)

Let there be great fashion on the outside and "The Great Reveal" with the one(s) you love, someone who'll appreciate your effort and vulnerability..... People may applaud for a little while, enjoying the cheap thrill or trying to help you feel comfortable, but in the end, revealing to EVERYONE is cheap....

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