"The Great Reveal"- The Other Side of Modesty (first written Summer 2015)

26 December 2017

"The Great Reveal"- The Other Side of Modesty (first written Summer 2015)

Last week when I attended AfroPunk, the legendary Grace Jones had on a big scarf that acted as a hijab, and a mask when she came out to perform. It was all to create a sense of mystery and drama. No facial expression or nudity needed, she looked fierce and elegant and we knew right away that she was bringing the theatre... which she certainly did, it was one of the most sensational shows I've ever been to.  How funny that no matter how explicit a performer is, like Grace Jones, who soon after performed topless, and with body paint, I'll give her that... the body paint cover-up, she knew that it's sexier to start with clothes on and in disguise than just off. Yes, modesty and mystery is sexier. Modesty and mystery allow for The Great Reveal. Grace Jones employed the Great Reveal tactic superficially at the beginning of her show but the real Great Reveal is when modesty and immodesty are employed within specific spaces and are in line with spiritual truths about how we react to coverage and nudity. I won't use the tired Junior high-schoolesque phrase "modest is hottest" but you know what I mean, there's a time and place for everything. In a modestly styled woman or muslima's world, time, place and audience is everything. Modesty is about who you are, and who you are not revealing to. 

[Btw, Grace Jones was also a fashion model and major trendsetter, she was an still is a very avant gard artist and performer, and has actually worn a plethora of amazing modest looks that I'm inspired by.... look out for my upcoming post on this, you'll love it]


Let there be great fashion on the outside and "The Great Reveal" with the one(s) we love, those who'll appreciate our effort and vulnerability behind closed doors.

While half naked, people may applaud for a little while, or give compliments, enjoying the cheap thrill, marveling at a persons boldness or trying to help the person feel comfortable, but in the end, revealing to everyone is cheap and its a dis-service to our spirits, which likely feels pretty uncomfortable with a decision to violate it's physical reality. And this certainly isn't about performers alone, it's a human thing.

People who encourage others to get naked and show more skin in public are just voyeurs, peeping toms and straight up wrong. Let that woman have some dignity! is what I think every time I see these Fashion Police type, gossipy people criticize young actresses like Shailene Woodley and other celebs for being "too modest" and saying "she should show more skin". Wait. She's and actress you know, not a stripper!!! 

Some people like Shailene and Janelle Monae, have a deeper understanding of modesty's purpose and feel comfortably clothed. The general public shouldn't know where every mole on your body is.

 Girl, put some clothes on!!! 

Beyonce once said that... A. very. long. time. ago