Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel *read current 25 Oz vs 8 Oz difference

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Loved and featured by James Beard Foundation, Beyoncé, Bon Appetit magazine, Epicurious, Tastemade, Black Owned Brooklyn and countless fans.

*The 25 Oz sizes are of a separate batch from the 8 Oz and turned out lighter in flavor for a limited time. The 8 is the original rich deep flavor. Both taste great… expect this subtle difference. 
Click the drop down menu to choose the best option for you. For wholesale orders, questions or assistance email Order here or dive even deeper at Both sites are owned by Nzinga Knight. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a product of Nzinga Knight. 

In accordance with more than 400 years of Caribbean tradition, Nzinga Knight’s Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a premium and complex brewed and aged beverage made in small batches in Brooklyn NY exclusively from raw and natural ingredients: sorrel flowers (aka hibiscus/ roselle), ginger roots and several spices, and sweetened with cane sugar. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel takes you on a surprising taste journey with its rich, smooth, sweet and spicy, full bodied, complex and refreshing taste. Best of all it can be enjoyed on its own or as mixer.

Our sorrel ages over time becoming richer and smoother by the day, while remaining naturally preserved.

Enjoyed, celebrated and recommended by the editors and staff at Bon Appetit magazine and James Beard Foundation. You can learn even more about us on the site dedicated solely to Nzinga's drink

Taste profile

Naturally sweet: Sweetness comes from the sorrel flower and pure cane sugar

Spicy and Savory: Ginger and various spices- allspice, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and orange peel give this drink a complex spiciness that often feels like an effervescent burst that lasts for moments and fades at the end

Smooth and Rich: During the natural ageing process ingredients blend together to create the perfect drink. 

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