Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel

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In accordance with more than 400 years of Caribbean tradition, Nzinga Knight’s Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is made exclusively from raw and natural ingredients: sorrel flowers, ginger roots and spices, and sweetened with cane sugar. It is Brewed and then aged to perfection. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel takes you on a surprising taste journey with its rich, smooth, sweet and spicy, full bodied, complex and refreshing taste profile. Best of all, its Non-Alcoholic, Anti-oxidant rich, and high in Vitamin C. 

Our sorrel ages over time becoming richer and smoother by the day, while remaining naturally preserved.


Taste profile

Slightly sweet: Sweetness comes from the sorrel flower and cane sugar

Spicy and Savory: Ginger and various spices give this drink a complex spiciness that often feels like an effervescent burst that lasts for moments and fades at the end

Smooth, Rich and Aged to Perfection: During the natural ageing process ingredients blend together to create the perfect drink. 

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